Don't Go To Birchcreek Health & Weight Loss Retreat

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Birchcreek does not provide the services advertised.These are not professional health educators.

The program is very expensive for what you get. Room accommodations are barely adequate with modly musty rooms. The "so-called" seminars are a rehash from a couple of books although the seminar leader "claims" to have been a "space engineer." Each seminar is a rehas of the previous ones. The juice detox consists of frozen juices stored in plastic bottle that are emitting their own toxins.

The spa and gym is actually a barn that doesn't even have a bathroom!! The whirlpool is not cleaned properly. And don't get suckered in by the Stay on Track program which costs $1,800 per year for consultation. These folks don't make the consultations.

They just take your money.

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You are right, I had a horrible experience with them, they have NO medical knowledge ,or are certified in anything, they give everyone the same frozen juices in plastic, and no one has any medical or nutritional training, it's just stuff out of old nutrition books I read 25 years ago.who are these people?

Don't get ripped off !Major SCAM

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I attended Birchcreek and found it to be an awesome jumpstart.I went once for three days and lost 8 lbs and the second time for 5 days and lost 12 lbs.

you do gain at least 3 back as soon as you stop juicing and start eating, but I've managed to keep the rest off. I have PCOS and a thyroid problem, so it is really difficult to lose weight for me, but, I found this very helpful. The ammenities are not spa like in anyway, neither is the gym, but, it is at least half the price of a spa resort.

It is an older house and the gym is in a barn, but, they will keep you moving.After the first lecture there is no reason to go back for the others, because it is the same stuff, but, the results show themselves.

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These people are sham artists and do not have credentials or know anything about what they are doing.They are not health professionals and do not have expertise.

This is a money making scam and they will rip you off. They provide lousy juices and give you shabby facilities. Just a terrible program.

I have NO IDEA how they stay in business.Theyshould be reported to the Better Business Bureau.


Do not go to this retreat.Costa rica is beautiful with great beaches and great people.

These people do not have the medical knowledge and they refuse to feed you if you are feeling sick as a result of juicing. This place is not safe and they do not offer any compensation if you are not satisfied with the service. You are basically stuck in another country on a steep hill with no way to get down to the beach if you are not physically able to climb the hill.

One of the juices were too salty and i did not get to have a dinner juice.Please do not waste your money on this retreat.


These people just want to make money and do not have the education or knowledge to be the guardians of others' health. They make extra charges to credit cards and charge for services they don't render. Very bad service and the facilities are shabby


This place is not safe. I was hospitalized as

a result of my stay. They have many judgements

and liens against them.


As the economy worsens, so does business practice. Most don't consult with an attorney because it's cheaper to get ripped off than to consult with a lawyer. I have a great and incredibly inexpensive solution that will provide immediate results: Please call at 512-341-2887 or email:


This is an absolute sham.These people could cause damage to someone's health.

They do not have any liscenses to do what they do and it is not even clear what the quality is of the juices they serve.

They are in this to make money and have a barely adequate facility and are provide exercise programs without experienced trainers.It is DANGEROUS!!


I was there in Jan 09.Horrible experience.

I am still trying to get them to cover the refund check they wrote to me that bounced twice. Check the Better Business Bureau and Ulster County Consumer Fraud Dept. for more info.

Don't be fooled by a nice my opinion, it is a scam.


Yikes.I was going to reserve today.

Now I don't know.

Anyone else have this experience?Any suggestions of other detox weight loss programs on the east coast?

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